In 2009 Ann-Sofie moved back to Sweden after twelve years in London. At the same time she started consulting for Swedish denim brand Cheap Monday and soon after launched the (evenmore) highend Ann-Sofie Back Ateljé – a designer’s dream; a small, on point, no-costs spared collection and ditching the main line Ann-Sofie Back that she felt was too close to BACK.

This was the antidote to Cheap Monday. However after six seasons of Ateljé it was no longer a designer’s dream so Ann-Sofie decided to focus on BACK that was really starting to kick off in Sweden.

BACK is the diffusion line that isn’t a diffusion line. To understand the reasoning behind the decision to continue with BACK and cease the mainline you need to understand the designer behind. BACK was born out of the idea of offering a diffusion line just for Scandinavia, however soon the international stores buying the mainline switched to BACK.

Adopting the same ideas but more casual and accessible. Ann-Sofie has always viewed her collections as a proposition, not a solution so therefore started looking at the mainline as research and BACK as the bottom line. BACK is today more differentiated in price and range and is sold in around 80 stores ­worldwide.

Ann-Sofie had her first show in September 2001 at the Purple Institute in Paris, the audience sat on pillows on the floor, a circle of silver foil forming a stage and lit by office lamps only. Now is the time to come BACK.