PLYS designer, Lee Joon was born in South Korea and raised in the vibrant city of Seoul. After the first year of his BA Textiles at Central Saint Martin, Joon travelled back to Korea to embark on his military services before retuning to London a year later to complete his BA in menswear. After 10 years in London, Joon escaped the hustle of London life, relocating to Berlin. Drawn by the city’s rich creative history but slower paced environment, Berlin provided the inspiration and time for Joon to embark on his first collection of knitwear.

‘London is amazing and the energy is like no other European city, but there is something about Berlin and its calm and relaxed atmosphere. The city is full of little galleries, old book shops and a great place to find new ideas.’

Working off his passion for well-made knit wear and love for bright neon colours, Joon set about designing his first collection centered around his new cycling community, and their daily uniform of neon jackets and fluro wind breaks. Wanting to cater to those sunny Berlin summers and cooler evenings – Joon created a collection that was easy, and fun, but elevated and functional.

The name PLYS portrays the functionality of the brand. ‘ When you look at knitting yarns, often its two yarns twisted together to keep its strength. One thread of yarn is called Ply and the way two yarns are twisted together is PLYS for the plural.’ Unlike the vast majority of knitwear Joon takes fine yarns and twists them into 3/4 plys to create a strong formation of stitches as well as to avoid piling. The brand also works with Loro Piana’s merino wool which are some of the most highly sought after wool yarns in the world, adding to the exceptional quality and eye catching aesthetic of the brand.